1978 '78 Vintage MXR Phase 45 Block Logo. Script Logo Back Plate!

  • $134.00

Here we have a 1978 '78 vintage MXR Phase 45 in the Block logo. It has a script logo back plate and is in tremendous condition for its age. Sounds amazing, with all of the organic, lush shimmer and sonic undulations you can only get in a vintage analog pedal. This is the baby of the MXR phaser family, which includes bigger siblings Phase 90 and Phase 100. This an extremely under-rated pedal with just one knob that allows you to easily dial in that "just right" tone. There is a tiny nick in the lip of the back plate, which has zero impact on performance or durability. This pedal recently was serviced at the acclaimed Slemmons Music Services in Dallas, where a brand new footswtich with true bypass was installed to replace one that just got old and tired.