1980 '80 Vintage MXR Distortion Plus Pedal True Bypass with 9V adapter

  • $179.00

Really nice '80 1980 MXR Distortion Plus. From creamy overdrive to saw-tooth fuzz and searing distortion. Good enough for Randy Rhoads and Jerry Garcia, so you've got that going for you. I rarely turn the distortion up very high, instead choosing to set the output at 10 and the distortion at one or two. I also use it in combination with other OD pedals. This MXR Distortion Plus sounds fantastic. It has a hole that was erroneously drilled for a 9V adapter near the battery compartment, which is not convenient. Instead, I took it to Slemmons Music Services in Dallas, which is one of the best and most reputable music gear repair shops in town, and they installed the 9V adapter input on the side next to the output jack, which means no more batteries.  In addition, Slemmons also installed a true bypass footswitch, which is fantastic. Anybody who plays vintage pedals a lot knows the footswitch doesn't last forever that and true bypass is also a very nice modern convenience. If this doesn't sell, it will happily stay right where it is on my pedal board!