'78 1978 Vintage MXR Analog Delay. Warm echoes and repeats!

  • $299.00

Here we have a really, really nice vintage 1978 '78 MXR Analog Delay in very good condition. Everyone knows these are among the cream of the crop for delays. Also, this is the earlier version with one input and one output jack versus later versions that had one input and two output jacks.I have compared both versions side by side and, while each is amazing in its own way, the two-jack versions win hands down for organic, warm and bubbly delays that drip with vintage analog goodness. These pedals are and highly sought after and collectible for their lush echoes and mind-bending repeats as well as outstanding delay time. This good 'ole Green Monster dates to 1978 based on verifying the POTs. The case is in surprisingly clean condition for its age. It's a brick, just as you would expect from a vintage MXR, and it is ready to rock for another 40 years.