Buttery, Shimmery, Vintage 1977 '77 MXR Phase 100 phaser pedal

  • $179.00

Obviously, one of the great and well-respected phasers, the MXR Phase 100 is the big sibling to the Phase 45 and Phase 90 models. It has four different phase wavelength settings and a wide-ranging speed knob -- from rolling, slow undulations to manic rapid pulses. It was on Jerry Garcia's board, although he had a Script version, compared to this Block logo version. However, as you can see from the POT codes, this is a 1977 '77 model, meaning it is an early block logo version. Only your ears can tell if there is a true difference between Script and Block logo versions. I have never owned a Script Phase 100. However, I can say -- in my case personally -- the '77 and '78 pedals that I owned sounded a bit rounder, warmer and less shrill and hollow than the two '79 Phase 100s that I have owned. Who knows if that would be true for every pedal comparison? Just my personal experience. This pedal has scuffs and foam on the bottom has been scraped off (mostly). However, the inside of this pedal is pristine, with the foam on the inside of the back plate largely intact.