Gleaming Taylor 615ce Jumbo Electric Acoustic Single Cutaway. Whoah!

  • $2,299.00

Gorgeous, super clean and gleaming Taylor 615ce Jumbo Electric Acoustic in outstanding condition. Look at that beautiful natural top, ornate fret inlays and unbelievable flame-throwing back. Booming and bright at the same time, this is one well-made, super-high-quality guitar. Comes with a terrific Taylor hard-shell case.


From Musician's Friend website (no longer carried):

"Fill any room with brilliant and resonant sound.

"The Taylor maple model 615-CE Jumbo Acoustic-Electric Guitar has been affectionately referred to as a guitar cannon with good reason. It has excellent projection. The distinctive blend of big leaf maple and Sitka spruce creates a bright, crystalline timbre with strong projection and warm overtones.

"The Jumbo Electric-Acoustic delivers the extra-deep resonance and volume that come with a larger sound chamber together with its own signature subtleties. Revoicing has sharpened its tonal difference from the Dreadnought. With a huge presence, the Jumbo is perfectly suited for aggressive strumming.

"Luxurious appointments include an ebony headstock overlay, ebony bridge, white binding, abalone soundhole rosette, and abalone leaf inlays.

"The Taylor 615-CE Jumbo Cutaway Acoustic-Electric Guitar is designed to faithfully reproduce your guitar's native tone, the Expression System utilizes patented Dynamic Sensors to capture top and string vibration like never before. Created in partnership with renowned audio pioneer, Mr. Rupert Neve, the Taylor ES is seamlessly integrated into the design of the guitar from the ground up. Onboard tone controls provide added flavor, or set flat for an uncolored, exceptionally clean amplified sound.

"The finish on the 615-CE Jumbo Cutaway -that is used to create this guitar's lustrous gloss top, back, and sides- was developed at Taylor for maximum durability and resistance to cold-checking. This ultraviolet-cured finish is also more environmentally friendly than traditional lacquer finishes."