Dr Z Maz 38-watt Senior 1X12 All-Tube Amp with Reverb. Unbelievable Value.

  • $1,299.00

If you are looking at this longingly, chances are I don't need to say very much about it. This is a Dr. Z Maz 38 Senior, with a 12-inch Celestion speaker and built-in reverb. I am breaking out in hives just typing up the description because I fear that I will never own another one. But I have a vintage Fender Twin, to which I am extremely attached, and it was one or the other. Still, this Z is one of the dreamiest-sounding amps I have ever heard. The cleans are like dripping honey. Dial up the dirt with the master volume and the speaker spews roughshod grit for days. It's loud, heavy and built with the high-end quality that you would expect from a $2,000 amp. According to the serial number, it is a 2007 model.

As you can see from the photos, the amp includes a cooling fan, which some owners have said was available as a stock option on new amps. I am not sure if it is stock or aftermarket. It also includes speaker extension input from the 12-inch stock speaker, I assume for a stereo set up? Also, I want to point out that it does not have a built-in effects loop, although Dr. Z's site says that this is available as a "mod." As you can see it doesn't have a scratch or a scuff on it. Check on the comparable prices on these amps used. This is a great deal.