1970s '70s Rare Mu-Tron Mutron C-200 C200 Volume Wah Pedal. The best.

  • $449.00

Here we have an amazing 1970s '70s Rare Mu-Tron (Mutron Musitronics) C200 C-200 Volume/Wah pedal. This is a fantastic example of 1970s tone and technology that can still go toe to toe with anything boutique pedal pushers have out today. It is exactly what it says it is: a combination wah and volume control pedal that gives you unbelievable ability to shape your sound. The volume function is smooth and natural. The wah function is versatile and funky. It sounds as organic as a heart beating. YES, I HAVE TWO OF THESE FOR SALE RIGHT NOW.

There are amazing pedals everywhere but I personally hold Mu-Tron (Musitronics Corp.) effects in the highest esteem. I consider the long-defunct company the gold standard. Pedal royalty, if you will. Like beachfront property, nobody is making more of the original Mu-Trons. You should experience the Mu-Tron sound yourself, if you haven't already.

Here is a cool C-200 demo on YouTube:


And another one: