1980 '80 MXR Phase 90 "Block" Logo. Incredible Vintage Phaser With Box.

  • $129.00

Here is an amazing 1980 '80 MXR Phase 90 in the Block Logo style. Incredible vintage tone. Lush, warm, sweeping phaser effects. Just one knob and an on-off switch. Solidly built, in very nice shape. It's 37 years young and ready to dazzle your ears for another 40 years. Comes with a vintage box, too!

Here is a great article on the history of the MXR Phase 90:


"Guitarists loved its thick harmonic-laden sweeps and one-knob operation, and it wasn't long before David Gilmour, Jimmy Page, and most famously of all, Eddie Van Halen made it a pedalboard staple."

If Gilmour, Page and EVH are wrong, then I don't want to be right!