1991 '91 Epiphone Emperor. Great Condition. Outsanding quality. Made in Korea.

  • $579.00

Here we have a beautiful, clean and great sounding 1991 '91 Epiphone Emperor with a hard-shell case. It's a pre-Joe Pass model. This guitar looks, feels and sounds amazing. Very jazzy and dreamy sounding but can also get nice and dirty. Action is low and fast. Very, very minor wear for a 26-year-old guitar. Anyone who knows Epiphone from this era knows that the Koren Emperors and Sheratons are terrific, high-quality guitars in an affordable price range. This Emperor is lightweight and would be a great addition to your guitar lineup.

The hard-shell case has seen some better days but still does its job of protecting this fine instrument. I've tried to capture some very minor surface imperfections on the face of the guitar. Very minor indeed.