Brand New Jext Telez Uni-Drive Limited Edition Green Saucer. Jimmy Page tone!

  • $249.00

Here we have a brand-new Jext Telez Uni-Drive overdrive/distortion pedal in the Limited Edition Green Saucer casing. This one is marked #9 out of 20, and I was told it was the last one in stock. So they might become more difficult to find in brand-new condition. I was in search of Jimmy Page tone and stumbled upon this pedal made by Jext Telez, which also makes a range of other cool overdrive/distortion pedals. This provides a creamy tonal spectrum ranging from warm overdrive to heavy distortion. Honestly, I don't want to sell this pedal but given that it is a limited edition model I would feel better about buying a regular edition Uni-Drive for my everyday use on my pedal board. I might cringe every time I step on this Green Saucer!