2008 '08 Fender Hot Rod DeVille 2X12 All-Tube 60-Watt Amp. Killer Fender Tone.

  • $425.00

Very nice Fender Hot Rod DeVille 60-watt, all-tube amp with two 12-inch speakers. Dual channels, with pristine cleans and a gain option for dirtier sounds and distortion. Incredibly loud, for those who need extra volume. Super heavy. Built like a tank. According to Fender customer relations, this amp was made in Mexico on March 2008.

In very good shape overall. Some scuffs in the tolex on the corners, as you can see from the "rear" photo. Some tolex discoloration on top of the amp (seen in "above" photo), potentially from stickers that were affixed previously. I personally love the cleans on this amp, and the reverb is exactly what you would expect from Fender. Some folks aren't fans of the gain channel on this model but I think it is more than fine. Placing an overdrive or distortion pedal on the clean channel produces an array of tonal effects. No foot switch but this amp is a workhorse with that classic Fender sound that never goes out of style.