Marshall JTM 60 1X12 All-Tube 60-watt Amp. Muscular Marshall Tone.

  • $469.00

If Darth Vader played electric guitar, I bet he would have played through a Marshall. Is there anything more sinister and menacing than a Marshall gain channel?

If you want killer tone and versatility, check out this super clean Marshall JTM 60. With one 12-inch Celestion speaker, this baby howls. Known for a great clean sound complemented by tons of rough edges through a muscular gain channel, this amp can do it all. Nice reverb, too! While not the most popular or beloved Marshall model, the JTM 60 is a great amp for the money. No foot switch, but I just changed out the fuses. Handle vinyl is cracked but works perfectly. In a room full of amps, I always gravitate towards this one. It's just fun.