2002 '02 Peavey Delta Blues 30-Watt, All-Tube 1X15 Amp. Tweed with Reverb, Tremolo and Foot Switch.

  • $449.00

Here we have a gorgeous 2002 '02 Peavey Delta Blues 30-watt, all-tube amp with an amazing 15-inch Blue Marvel speaker. This was made in the USA, in the Meridian, MS factory. My first tube amp was a Delta Blues pawn shop find 20 years ago and it is still one of the "favs" in my lineup. This one that is for sale is incredibly clean and comes with a foot switch. This is an extremely versatile and high-performance amp, with two channels and onboard reverb and tremolo. Crystal-clear, glassy cleans and down-and-dirty overdrive. The sounds out of the 15-inch speaker are otherworldly and this is an extremely loud amp.

If you know Peavey amps, you know this is a killer model. In fact, the entire Classic series is amazing. If you don't know Peavey amps, you should definitely give them a try. They are extremely underrated, reliable and made with high-quality components. They stand the test of time and are built like tanks. You could pay twice as much for a more glamorous or trendy brand but, in my humble opinion, it will not outperform the value and sound you get from a solid, trusty Peavey -- specifically a Delta Blues.