Vox AC4TV 4-watt All-Tube Amp. Mini Chime Machine.

  • $199.00

Here we have a Vox 4-Watt AC4TV all-tube amp in blonde tolex with the retro-looking grill. This is great little amp that is surprisingly small, portable and loud. It features one EL84 power tube and a 12AX7 powered pre-amp tube, driving a custom-made Celestion 10-inch speaker. Yes, you can hear the patented Vox chime as well.

The coolest thing about it in my view is the built-in power attenuator that allows you to switch between four (4) watts, one (1) watt and 1/4 (0.25) watt, meaning you can achieve extreme distortion and tube saturation at very low volumes. The 10-inch speaker won't blow you away but is more than capable and adequate. This amp has a minor tolex tear along a joint (see close-up photo) but is in otherwise great shape. These Vox AC4TV amps go for $319 new, making this one a great buy.