Near Mint Jext Telez Uni-Drive Distortion Overdrive. Cool Vintage Tone.

Near Mint Jext Telez Uni-Drive Distortion Overdrive. Cool Vintage Tone.

  • $179.00

Here we have a near-mint Jext Telez Uni-Drive, with all of the warm vintage fuzz, distortion and overdrive you could ever want in a modern pedal. This sleek, light pedal dials in terrific Zep and Stones tones. The team at Jext Telez outside of Detroit are making some terrific pedals and this one is no exception. Comes with original box and stick-on rubber feet. From Jext Telez:

The Uni-Drive.

Jext Telez found some original Univox Uni-Drive pedals- yes, the same holy grail pedal once used by Hendrix and Jimmy Page.
Upon hearing the majestic rock soul of these originals the mission was clear-- we must remake them and make new ones that sound exactly the same. We slaved over getting this one right and now proudly present the overdrive flavor of 1970, right now, in 2017.

What to expect tonally?  The Uni-Drive with the drive knob dialed all the way down is a warm amp-like transparent bit of magic.  The low-end is full with the signature of a 4 x 12 cabinet-- full, punchy, yet nice and even up top, a natural open top.  Dial the drive knob up and enter into gnarly saturation. Dial the drive knob farther up and enter into fuzzed overdrives-- wave-forms separate violently, complex tone-colors emerge-- harmonically shattered beauty.  You can hear a lot of great early 70's tones, dial in transistorized fuzz tones or dial things back to just warm up and boost your amp with some punch.  If you add some Uni-Drive to a great tone it's going to get even better.  With 35 db of clean gain and a ton of headroom on board, the Uni-Drive is capable of taking your rig to many new places.  Distortion boxes were the tool of rebellion that formed magnificent new textures of communication. The Uni-Drive is one of the earliest overdrives ever made and an incredibly great one. We are proud to play a part in reintroducing these textures of rebellion now.