Power/Play MXR 1970s Script Logo Bud Box & MXR Case-1 9V Battery Adapter

  • $29.95

Never drill your battery-only vintage pedals again. Never spend money on 9V batteries. Never have anxiety about dying batteries or changing out dead batteries on the fly. Keep your vintage battery-only pedals on your board at all times, where they should be. Don't devalue your vintage pedals by drilling them full of holes.

The product comes with one (1) adapter riser (individually made for each order), one (1) female barrel battery clip adapter and four (4) case screws. Adapter includes four (openings) for convenient adapter cable entry.

This adapter size fits small size MXR Script Logo Bud Box cases and MXR Innovations-1 cases only. These are made to to fit the earliest Bud Box MXR pedals for the Distortion Plus, DynaComp, Phase 45, Phase 90, Blue Box, Envelope Filter and Noise Gate, and for the transition "MXR Innovations-1 Script Logo Cases" for the same pedals. If you have a later '70s case or a Phase 100, see my other listings for adapters that fit MXR script and block logo vintage cases and Vox and Crybaby wah pedals.

Please make sure that your pedal can operate properly and safely with a 9V adapter power supply. 

PLEASE NOTE: the adapter has two openings for insertion of the 9V connector cable — not four as depicted in the photos. The adapter can be flipped so that all sides can accept the cable insertion. In addition the two-opening design is stronger and more durable.