1975 '75 MXR Distortion Plus + Script Logo Vintage Pedal. The real deal.

  • $219.00

If you are looking at this pedal, chances are it needs no introduction. This is one of the holy grails of distortion pedals. Here we have a 1975 '75 MXR Distortion Plus + "Script" logo pedal in terrific condition. It sounds even better than it looks. There is something so warm and organic about this kind of dirt. Dial it down low on the distortion level for classic over-driven tone or dial it up for brain-searing distortion. Randy Rhoads and Jerry Garcia each used one for their classic sounds. These are getting harder to find, especially in this condition. This was my first time trying a "Script" logo Distortion Plus compared to my 1977 and 1980 "Block" versions. I am truly impressed! They both sound amazing but I can see why the Script versions are so desirable. You can't go wrong with either version, however.