1975 '75 MXR Noise Gate Line Driver. Script Logo! True Vintage.

  • $130.00

Here we have a 1975 MXR Noise Gate Line Driver in Script Logo. No, you are not seeing double. This is a different pedal than the other one listed on this site. The main difference is that the pedal listed here has a standard MXR Innovations enclosure, rather than the (even rarer) BUD box enclosure that the other 1975 MXR Noise Gate Line Driver is sporting. Still, this killer and clean pedal is also rare.

This 1975 pedal is still very much from the heyday of MXR, the storied pedal company and a veritable institution in guitar gear. The Script versions of these pedals are among the most collectible and sought after for their performance and reliability.

Oh yeah, what does this pedal do? Well, it's a Noise Gate. And, it's a Line Driver. I kid, I kid.

The MXR Noise Gate Line Driver was designed to reduce background noise, hiss and hum common with hotter pickups and multiple pedals in a chain, and it also boosts your signal. The diminutive noise gate/line driver would be a nice staple on any pedal enthusiast's board.

Bottom line: you can pay $129 new for a brand-new MXR Smart Gate pedal or something comparable, or, for a few dollars more, you can own a fantastic piece of vintage history that will enhance your sound, hold its value at a minimum and look very cool underfoot.

Here are some demos (although I couldn't find a vintage Script demo version):



And a good explanation of how noise suppressors work: