1977 Fender Twin Reverb Silverface. Enough Said.

  • $899.00

Here we have an amazing piece of vintage gear history, a 1977 Fender Twin Reverb with the Silverface face plate. There is nothing like a Twin Reverb for amazing cleans. Blues, rock, country -- it does it all. This 1977 model, verified by the serial number (see photos), is in great condition and works perfectly. The "normal" and "vibrato" channels work flawlessly, as do the wonderful echoes from the reverb tank and the trippy undulations from the tremolo effect. As you may know, the 1977 Twins had a master volume knob that was also a push-pull switch designed to produce a bit more gain and distortion. Honestly, I always play this clean or use pedals and have little use for the push-pull knob.

It is a heavy-duty amp with massive horsepower as it cranks out 135-watts of all-tube mojo. It comes with casters, which are helpful given its considerable weight, and tilt-back legs. It also has a reissue footswitch. It would be impossible to list all of the famous artists who have played through famed Fender Twins. The speakers, also verified by their codes, are not original. One is a 1977 Rola, and the other is either a 1974 or a 1964 Utah (likely the former). Both are period correct for Fender Twins, and sound incredible. And I also will throw in a matching (repaired for minor punctures) Rola speaker as well. There is a tiny tear in the grill cloth and a few scuffs in the tolex but nothing unusual for an amp this old, and nothing that affects the performance or sound. I have owned and played this amp myself. I re-tubed it a few years ago, and they probably have less than 10 hours total playing time on them.