1978 '78 MXR Distortion + Plus Block Logo. Dial Up Vintage Overdrive and Distortion.

  • $129.00

Here we have an amazing MXR Distortion + Plus pedal from 1978 '78. The age is verified by POT codes, and it has the Script Logo embossed on the back panel. These pedals are so incredible and they are a great value compared to the earlier Script logo versions, which are going for much, much higher prices. I own two of these Block logo MXR Distortion pedals in my own collection, and I love them because they can go from simple overdrive to brain-searing distortion. They just have two knobs -- one for output and one for distortion. They are built like bricks and run seemingly forever on a 9V battery. If you are looking at this longingly, I probably don't need to tell you that the MXR Distortion + Plus pedal was used by Randy Rhoads and Jerry Garcia. This pedal is in incredible condition for its age. Don't pass up a chance to own a piece of history. Get that true vintage mojo into your rig.