1978 '78 MXR Phase 100 Block Logo. Authentic Vintage Shimmer!

  • $225.00

Here we have an incredibly clean and phenomenal-sounding 1978 '78 MXR Phase 100 in a Block logo style. This is a tremendous pedal, with all of the organic, lush and mind-expanding shimmer you will ever want. An earlier Script logo version graced Jerry Garcia's pedal lineup.

The MXR Phase 100 was the big sibling to the MXR Phase 90 and Phase 45. Built like a brick, the MXR Phase 100 has two knobs for phaser speed and intensity (four settings). You can go from long, sweeping and undulating phaser effects to rapid fire ray-gun-like sounds that somehow still sound soothing.

It's an amazing pedal and, as you can see, it is in terrific shape for a piece of gear that is about to turn 40. It has only a few of the usual scrapes and dings that you would expect and, as with many of these pedals, two screws on the back plate are missing. It has no impact on performance or durability. Even the interior foam is largely intact. In February 2018, I had the footswitch replaced with a brand new one with TRUE BYPASS. The work was done by Slemmons Music Services in Dallas, a terrific shop that works on all of my pedals.

This is an incredible pedal that won't last long.