1978 '78 MXR Phase 90 Block Logo. Phenomenal Vintage Shimmer.

  • $129.00

Here we have an incredible 1978 '78 MXR Phase 90 Block Logo in super-clean condition. This is one of the greatest phaser pedals of all time, full stop. David Gilmour, Jimmy Page and Eddie Van Halen played one. Full stop. Rather than spending hard-earned money on modern, digital pedals  -- with their thin, harsh tones -- you can have an original, vintage analog pedal instead -- with all of its warm, organic and lush goodness. The old Phase 90s are amazing. The phaser signal undulates, oscillates, rises and falls and swells at a variety of speeds. Built like tanks to last a lifetime of playing, they go on seemingly forever on just one 9V battery. This pedal is in tip-tip shape and sounds like a dream. I always try to have a few of these for sale but don't miss out on an unreal deal on a hall-of-fame vintage pedal.