1979 '79 MXR Analog Delay. Green Monster! Vintage Echoes.

  • $239.00

Here we have a vintage 1979 '79 MXR Analog Delay, AKA, "The Green Monster." It drips with '70s mojo tone. Like thick syrup cascading down the side of your hotcakes at Sunday brunch. This brick is virtually indestructible, recalling the glory years of legendary pedal-maker MXR Innovations. It sounds unreal. Lush, spacey, warm, organic. Get lost in the echoes produced by three easy-to-dial knobs: delay, mix and regeneration. You can get some absolutely crazy sounds out of this beast. It works perfectly, and is in decent shape for its age (just the usual font rub and surface scratches on a pedal this old). This pedal contains the Reticon 5101 chip and has input, output and delay-only jacks. It runs on the three-prong power cord only. Oh, did I mention that the MXR Analog Delay was on Jerry Garcia's pedal board? Truth! These pedals are getting harder to find. They don't make them like this anymore. I just bought another one so I am letting this one go. File this in the "this hurts me more than it hurts you" category.