1979 '79 Vintage MXR Phase 100. With 9V adapter plug!

  • $179.00

Here we have an incredibly lush-sounding 1979 '79 vintage MXR Phase 100 phaser in terrific condition. This is the pedal that was on Jerry Garcia's board in the 1970s. It packs tons of warm, lush, organic phase tones into a medium-sized indestructible case. It includes knobs for sweep depth and speed. Also, this one has been modded to include a very well installed 9V adapter plug. I know that purists and collectors might be opposed to such elective surgery but for players....c'mon now, who enjoys changing batteries or worrying when your battery is going to cut out. I have an unmolested '78 Phase 100 and this one, and which one do you think is on my board? Yep, the one with the 9V plug! For convenience and vintage tone, you can't beat this pedal.