1996 '96 Crate Vintage 50 All-Tube 50-watt 2X12 Tone Monster. Made in USA.

  • $349.00

Here is a 1996 '96 Crate Vintage Club 50, All-Tube 2X12 Amp. Made in the USA (St. Louis, MO), this thing cranks up the volume through two channels -- clean and gain -- and two 12-inch speakers. With nearly flawless dark blue tolex, this amp has reverb, an effects loop and comes with a footswitch and protective cover. It is in great shape -- nearly flawless -- and sounds amazing as well. I replaced the four EL84 power tubes with Teslas, which have warmed and softened the tone significantly. It almost looks brand new, despite being 20-plus years old. Here is a link to the user's manual: https://supportloudtech.netx.net/loud-public/#asset/2124/viewer/document.

However, this is amp is not for the faint of heart, ears or shoulders. It is extremely loud and weighs in at 69 pounds. It's a beast and this is an awful lot of amp for the money. For some reason, these older Crates do not fetch high dollars despite rave reviews from those who know and love them. Its sort of like a Chevy Camaro. Maybe it doesn't top your list of dream cars but one test drive shows you its fast, powerful, reliable and affordable. This pre-loved Crate is all of the above.