1997 '97 USA Gibson SG Special. Solid Player, with Upgraded Rio Grande Texas BBQ Pickups.

  • $725.00

According to Gibson's serial number lookup, you are looking at a 1997 “All American series” Gibson SG Special with Ebony finish. This guitar felt and sounded so amazing I bought it on the spot. The low action, smooth fret board and fast neck make this it a joy to play. It has a few surface scratches and minor nicks, including a crescent-shaped scratch near the butt of the guitar that is not noticeable beyond a few feet away and has no impact on performance. This is a player's guitar that's been played.

How's it sound? You are in for a serious treat. It is sporting a pair of Rio Grande Texas BBQ pickups that sound like a growling, junkyard dog but also clean up nicely for the best-in-show competition. These pickups list for $320 a pair on the Rio Grande web site, located at https://www.riograndepickups.com/texas-barbeque-set.

This Gibson SG comes with a very clean and solid Gibson hard-shell case. Yes, this is an SG Special model but with the Rio Grande pick-ups it is a very "special" guitar indeed.