2005 '05 Rickenbacker 360/12. 12 String. Gorgeous Fireglo finish. Jangle and Chime by the Dozen.

  • $2,099.00

Here we have an absolutely stunning 2005 '05 Rickenbacker 360/12 in a phenomenal Fireglo finish. I struggled to find any evidence that this guitar has ever been played. The finish is flawless and gleaming. I plugged it into my Fender Twin and a Dr. Z and was blown away by the jangle and chime emanating from the two high-gain pickups of this unbelievable semi-hollowbody guitar. I went out and found an authentic Rickebacker hard shell case in great shape to protect the beauty of this guitar. The contoured maple body feels incredible cradled in your lap or hanging on a strap.

From the Rickebacker site, http://www.rickenbacker.com/model.asp?model=360/12

"This guitar broke all the rules of traditional styling when it appeared amid the 'British' sound of the 1960's. Subtly updated through the years, this Deluxe hollow body with its special contour around the entire body perimeter, is still perhaps the most comfortable guitar of all. The bound body and Rosewood fingerboard, inlayed with triangular pearloid markers, provide an exceptionally attractive appearance

"The world's most popular twelve string electric guitar boasts all of the deluxe features of its Model 360 cousin. A standard for recording for more than thirty years, its haunting, melodic chorus has continued to benefit from evolution. The slimmed and re-contoured neck now makes the 360/12 easier to play than ever."

Here are some demos: