Amazing Mu-FX Boostron 3. Three-in-one pedal. Brand new.

  • $229.00

Here we have an incredible and versatile Boostron 3 by Mu-FX, founded by original Mu-Tron founder and inventor Mike Beigel. If you are looking for an important element of the Jerry Garcia tone, this pedal will take you to the promised land. This is a three-in-one pedal featuring a signal booster (important for the Jerry sound), a compressor and a gnarly distortion and gain effect. This is a brand new pedal, with the box only opened to test and photograph the item.

From the Mu-FX web site:

Based Upon a Trio of Classic Designs
The NEW Mu-FX Boostron 3 is three pedals in one… and three you might never want to turn off!

Stage 1: Based upon an Alembic Stratoblaster clean boost
Stage 2: Based upon a Musitronics/Dan Armstrong Orange Squeezer compressor
Stage 3: Based upon a Pro Co RAT distortion

The Alembic Stratoblaster is a FET preamp that provides a clean boost. The original product was a retrofit guitar input jack with the (battery powered) effect built in – controlled by an on/off switch and a small adjustable trim pot for the desired amount of gain. The Musitronics/Dan Armstrong Orange Squeezer is a very simple and distinctive sounding compressor. The original product was a small cube that plugged directly into your guitar (…unless you had a Strat!), powered by a 9V battery and was controlled by an on/off switch as well as an internal trim pot for setting the desired output level. The Pro Co RAT is an LM308 op-amp distortion that ranges from bluesy overdrive to full-out fuzzy distortion. The original product was a moderately sized effects pedal powered by a 9V battery.

The Mu-FX Boostron 3 provides added functionality to these classic effects all bundled in our “mini-mu” housing. Made in the USA, this new Mu-FX product combines visual and sonic cues from the past with a thoroughly modern, pedal board oriented approach.