Beastly Vintage UK-made Marshall JTM60 212 tube amp. Too beastly for me!

  • $450.00

Here is a terrific vintage Marshall JM60, made in the UK, with two twelve inch speakers. This 60-watt amp is a beast. It is known for a terrific clean channel tone, and it has a decent-plus reverb as well. The gain channel is not to everyone's taste but if you are patient and get to know how your amp and guitar and pedals interact, you can dial in some very pleasing overdriven tones and very heavy distortion. It has a presence dial in the back to take the edge off some of the brittle sounds in the gain channel. I am including a Vox footswitch in place of the original. Each channel has its own dedicated tone controls, which is nice.

If you do your research, these amps (and the JTM30s) have been known to have some reliability problems with sound loss or volume drops when the tubes get too hot. Some owners report no such problems whatsoever. I have owned this JTM60 for more than a year and have not experienced those problems. It has been reliable and enjoyable.

The only reason I am selling this amp is because it is too big and loud for my use primarily in my home or at a friend's house. I didn't realize how loud the JTM60 was until I played it at home. It is way too much for me but it would be perfect for someone who gigs. I would use a clip-on fan to keep air moving in the amp cabinet but this would be a good road amp. Good quality, versatile sound and solid performance for a good price.