Brand New Jext Telex Uni-Drive Overdrive Distortion Pedal

  • $187.00

Here is a brand new, unused, never played, pristine Jext Telez Uni-Drive overdrive distortion pedal. The people at Jext Telez are making some unbelievable modern pedals that are based on vintage circuits and components. It's an amazing combo of vintage, throwback tone and modern reliability. The Uni-Drive is always plugged into my amp -- always. It provides just the right color and GRRRR to my tone at mid output and low drive settings, and you can dirty it up as much as you want. Pairing it with another overdrive pedal opens up new worlds of tonal possibilities. I got this because I had heard it was great for Jimmy Page and Led Zeppelin tones, and it is. But it is so much more. I ended up with three of these -- this new one, a used one and a brand-new limited edition green saucer version. So, of course, true to my nature I only play the used one (which is also for sale). I literally just plugged this in for 30 seconds only to make sure it worked as advertised, which it does. Get a brand new one for $10 off most retail prices.