Early Mid 1960s '60s Gibson Falcon GA-19RVT. All-Tube 15-watt Amplifier 1X12. Vintage vibe.

  • $440.00

Here we have an early/mid 1960s Gibson Falcon, GA-19RVT. This beauty is an all-tube, 15-watt amplifier with a 12-inch speaker. This amp delivers bell-ringing cleans and some nice break-up, too, at high volumes and with hotter pickups. Plus, you can get plenty spacey with the built-in reverb and tremolo. Takes pedals very well, too. With its brown tolex, it appears to be a '62 or '63 based on some internet sources. However, it also features a 1965 Utah speaker, which would not appear to be original but certainly sounds pristine and does not detract from the vintage vibe and mojo -- and this amp has tons of both. In addition, I just added a mint replacement LiveWire footswitch, which works like a charm. I will also include the older, broken footswitch (also LiveWire) which can be harvested for parts. Includes a modern, three-prong power cord. It's in surprisingly good condition for a nearly 55-year-old amp. But you also need to understand that it has some wear from being a half century old. Still, an amazing amp at a really good price. Check out the prices on these amps and you will see that this is a solid deal. Own a piece of history!

Here are some nice demos as well: