Early '80s 1980s Rare Aria AD-10 AD10 Analog Delay. Made in Japan.

  • $129.00

Check out this rare Aria AD-10 (AD10) Analog Delay pedal from the early 1980s. These made-in-Japan pedals are highly sought after and pretty rare. NOT A TYPO. I have two of these incredible pedals for sale right now. This pedal features lush, organic delays in two stages, a shorter (stage 1) delay and a longer (stage 2) delay. It also has an inverse out jack for stereo. Other than the dual setting, it works like your typical delay from that period. Runs on 9V adapter. In my opinion it rivals my early '80s Ibanez AD-9 and my MXR "green monster" delay. But I only need so many delays so this one is up for grabs.

Here is a link to YouTube demo: