Incredible mid-1990s '90s G&L Legacy Special USA. Special Indeed!

  • $869.00

Here we have a mid-1990s '90s G&L Legacy Special USA guitar in gray sparkle finish. The serial number dates this guitar to around 1994 or 1995, based on guitars listed on the G&L registry, but I can't tell for sure without removing the neck. The serial number is 41694. This is an outstanding guitar for its hand-made craftsmanship, quality materials and unbelievable tone. It comes with three blade-bucker pickups that offer players access to an extremely diverse sonic landscape. Whether you play rock, jazz, country or blues, this fine axe will take you to the promised land. It has one volume and two tone controls and a five-way pickup selector switch, and locking tuners, too. I just had the bridge pick-up replaced with a stock, authentic G&L blade-bucker. The rosewood fret board is fast and smooth, with low action, new strings and a fresh professional set up. The only blemish is a small circular indentation on the front face of the guitar body, smaller than your average screw head. It is barely noticeable and has zero impact on the guitar's tone or play-ability. If not for that tiny blemish, this would be a dead mint guitar in astonishing condition for a 23-year-old instrument. It also comes with the whammy bar and tools, as well as a key for the very nice and solid hard-shell case. All original paperwork comes with the guitar, including the warranty, owner's manual and certificate of authentication signed by Phyllis Fender herself! If it's good enough for Phyllis Fender, I would say it is good enough for the rest of us. Don't miss out on astonishing guitar at a great price that will provide you with years of enjoyment and high-end performance.