Killer '82 1982 Vintage Boss CE-2 Chorus Pedal. Made in Japan!

  • $161.00

Here we have superb '82 1982 Boss CE-2 Chorus pedal that was made in Japan. These pedals are highly sought after and getting harder to find. This one is in great condition for being 35 years old, and it sounds amazing, lush and warm. It looks almost magical with its brilliant turquoise paint job. It also has a terrific, unobtrusive mod: a tiny on/off switch on the top of the case that disengages the battery when the guitar cables are still plugged into their jacks. This is a smart addition because everyone knows the frustration of turning your pedal off but forgetting to unplug the guitar cables from the input/ output jacks, which drains the battery. Obviously, it would be great if we could all just remember to unplug our guitar cables but obviously many of us are incapable of such simple tasks. And that's the reason most of our moms said things like: you would lose your head if it wasn't attached. But I digress.