Martin Backpacker with Pickup and equalizer Acoustic Electric. Portable tone.

  • $150.00

Here is a really nice Martin Backpacker acoustic-electric guitar with a pickup and equalizer. I just put new strings on it (changed from the photos) and it sounds great unplugged or through the amp. Have you ever dragged a full--size acoustic to a camp out? It is somewhat cumbersome. Pack your tone light! And plug into your portable amp as well to turn up the volume. This will not confuse anyone with a Martin 000-DM guitar for tone, volume or projection. It is what it is: a compact, extremely portable, versatile and well-made guitar at a good value. The previous owner had placed some decorative stickers on it, which I carefully removed along with any adhesive residue. Hence, the previously covered wood is somewhat lighter in certain spots but that should even out somewhat over time as the entire guitar is exposed to light. There is actually a cool light stripe of wood on the front that looks rather artistic.