Minty McMint Marshall DSL40C 40-watt All-Tube 1X12 Combo. Yowza.

  • $489.00

Here we have a Marshall DSL40C all-tube 1X12 combo in (pick your superlative) mint, pristine, flawless condition. The only thing more flawless about this amp is the sound. How does Marshall make an amp with such glassy cleans and natural reverb that can transform into a charging wildebeest that is evil, dastardly and terrifying at the same time? I love vintage gear, don't get me wrong, but I am also blown away by modern tube-amp technology. What floors me the most about this Marshall DSL40C is its versatility. You can literally turn into a mad scientist with all of the settings that can drastically change the voice of its beefy Celestion 12-inch speaker. Its clean channel includes a "clean crunch" setting if you are just looking for break up as opposed to ear-throttling distortion available on the gain channel. It also includes a "tone shift" button, presence and resonance knobs and two reverb setting knobs, as well as speaker-out jacks and an effects loop. One of the features that I love the most about this amp and, indeed, its DSL-series siblings, is its built-in power reduction switch that allows you to cut from 40 watts to 20 watts, in case you don't need all of that firepower (But you just might!). This is an amazing amp that retails for $699 new. But you can get the same amp in "like new" condition for a lot less. It doesn't have the footswitch with it but these are readily available used and new online and in stores. Cash in on this incredible value while it lasts.