Orange PPC112 112 Cabinet with 12-inch Celestion speaker.

  • $239.00

Here we have a fantastic Orange PPC112 cabinet with a 12-inch speaker. This cabinet purrs like a kitten or growls like a lion. It's up to you. I have been using it with a Blackstar 1-watt head and it sounds incredible. Definitely British! (although it was made in China). Comes with a throaty Celestion Vintage 30 speaker at 16 Ohms. Super solid at 30-plus pounds and 21.65 inches 17.72 inches by 11.42 inches. This one is in great condition, with a few minor scuffs in the tolex but no scrapes or tears. Here are the specs from Orange:

1×12″ closed-back design

18mm birch plywood construction

2 x Parallel Jacks for ‘daisy-chaining’ to another 16 Ohm Cabinet (total impedance = 8 Ohms)

Hard wearing woven paper grille cloth

Skid runners

Steel hardware

60 Watts (Mono)

1 x Celestion Vintage 30

55 x 45 x 29 CM (21.65 x 17.72 x 11.42″)

14.75 KG (32.52 lb)