Pristine 2018 '18 GIbson SG Faded USA in Gleaming Warm Finish

  • $749.00

Here we have a fantastic and near mint 2018 '18 Gibson SG Faded, made in the USA, in a gleaming Faded Worn Bourbon finish. This guitar looks, feels and sounds amazing. Incredible low action and a slim neck with an extremely fast-playing finish. I love this guitar because it gives you Les Paul humbucker tone with a lot less weight on your shoulder. This guitar is nearly flawless aside from two or three slight impressions in the finish near the input jack -- probably the result of trying to get the cord in and out of the jack. The scratches are not through the finish and they don't even show up in photographs. All original case candy, tags and tools included. This comes with a really nice and plush Gibson soft case with a neck support -- not some flimsy gig bag. I have seen these for $989 new so this one is a terrific value for a nearly new guitar in great condition. I absolutely hate to part with this guitar but there are only so many guitars for so many hours in the day. So I put a price on it but will happily enjoy it as long  as I can.