Rare 1975 '75 MXR Script Noise Gate Line Driver. Bud Box Enclosure. Script Logo.

  • $148.00

We proudly present this stunning, and increasingly rare, MXR Noise Gate Line Driver pedal, emblazoned with a "Script" logo and housed in a BUD box enclosure manufactured by electronics parts supplier Bud Industries, in Willoughby, Ohio. These Bud box models are indicative of earlier MXR pedals in the mid-1970s and are harder to find and, therefore, more sought after. The POT dates on this pedal indicate it was made in 1975.

The MXR Noise Gate Line Driver was designed to reduce background noise, hiss and hum common with hotter pickups and multiple pedals in a chain, and it also boosts your signal. The diminutive noise gate/line driver would be a nice staple on any pedal enthusiast's board. And this particular specimen is in great shape and works perfectly. In checking out the POT date, I removed what was left of the disintegrating foam rubber inside the enclosure. This foam condition is typical of a pedal this age, which has the usual surface/paint scratches found on a 40-year-old piece of equipment. But, as you can see, it is still very nice.

Bottom line: you can pay $129 new for a brand-new MXR Smart Gate pedal or something comparable, or, for roughly $40 more, you can own a fantastic piece of vintage history that will enhance your sound, hold its value at a minimum and look very cool underfoot.

Here are some demos (although I couldn't find a vintage Script demo version):



And a good explanation of how noise suppressors work: