Stellar 1990s '90s Early 2000s Danelectro U2 First Reissue. Made in Korea. Amazing value.

  • $349.00

Sometimes expensive guitars don't live up to their "billing," pardon the pun. And sometimes an inexpensive guitar punches far above its price tag. You guessed it. Here we have the latter with this incredible 1990s '90s or early 2000s '00s Danelectro U2 first reissue, which was made in Korea. First off, this guitar is gorgeous and nearly flawless. The blue suede (almost periwinkle) finish is glossy and super clean. Nary a ding, nor a scratch. The common view is that these 1990s Korean reissues are the Danelectros of choice compared to the more recent models.

Second, the tone on this little econo guitar is very cool. Amazingly bright and chimey sounds emanate from its two lipstick cover pickups. It cranks out the tone. The two knobs are super cool -- each controls both the tone (inner knob) and the volume (outer ring). These U2s are chambered and incredibly light. It almost feels like an acoustic in your lap. They are known as great slide guitars and this one had the action set a bit higher, so I lowered it a tad with the adjustable bridge. It would be very easy for you to find your comfort zone.

I have had so much fun playing this little guitar but, alas, I can't have all the fun. I've jammed on it through big amps and little amps and it doesn't disappoint. It doesn't have a hard-shell case, but I will ship it in a mint soft gig bag.