Sweet 1993-94 '93-94 Fender Stratocaster Foto Flame Made in Japan

  • $699.00

Here we have a really nice and clean -- and great playing -- 1993-94 '93-'94 Fender Stratocaster in a natural Foto Flame finish that was made in Japan. Seriously, the quality and performance for the money on this instrument is extraordinary. Feels like a tip-top Strat all the way. The action is low and it feels great in your lap or strapped to your shoulder. Yes, the hamburgler image is on the back of the neck. Fender and its Squier line were making some great guitars in Japan in the 1980s up through at least the mid-1990s. These are highly sought after guitars that honestly blow away many of today's modern guitars in the same price range. Like many Foto Flame guitars of this era, the top finish is beginning to crack. However, it almost looks like a stained glass window and, as you know, many people pay big money for relic jobs. If the checking gets more pronounced, it is easy to tamp down the finish layer with transparent, thinly-constituted glue. Comes with a really nice SKB hard-shell case. I hate to get rid of this guitar. But right now I have two made-in-Japan Strats, not to mention my US Strat, and I should only keep one made-in-Japan model. So, whichever sells first guarantees an appreciative home for its sibling.