Vintage 1970s '70s Mu-Tron Mutron Musitronics Phasor II. Warm, Lush, Organic.

  • $399.00

Here we have an incredible vintage 1970s '70s Mu-Tron (Mutron, Musitronics) Phasor II, the middle sibling in Mu-Tron's fabled phase lineup. Do yourself a favor and stop what you are doing right now and buy this pedal. Yes, it's nearly twice as much as a vintage MXR Phase 100 (which I have owned and continue to own) but it sounds 10 times better to my ears. So, that's a good value in my view. It's so warm, lush and bouncy -- going from slow, subtle, trance-like undulations to rapid fire ray gun sound effects. It features rate, depth and feedback controls for a full tonal pallet. This is a larger-footprint pedal that takes up quite a bit of board space, and it has its own dedicated power supply that must be plugged in to an outlet (no 9V or 18V adapter option), and it doesn't run on batteries. I also own one myself and will never let it go. (For the record, I still own a vintage Phase 100 and will always have one in my arsenal).