Vintage 1983 '83 Dan Smith Era Fender USA Two Knob Standard Strat Stratocaster

  • $1,399.00

Here is a super clean and smooth-playing 1983 '83 Fender USA "Dan Smith Era" Stratocaster in aged Olympic White/Cream with a maple fretboard. This is the two-knob (one volume, one tone) version (as opposed to the traditional three knobs) that came with a flush-mounted output jack versus bored at an angle. This model was only made for about two years (from what I can find) at the Fullerton, California factory. This guitar is all original and even has the rare and hard-to-find original tremolo arm for the "free flyte" tremolo system. I would describe the pickups as peppy and bright, and I have been prone to roll back the tone knob a tad. But when you dial in the right settings for you, this is a fantastic guitar with smooth and fast neck. Some Strat purists disliked the departure from the age-old, tried-and-true, classic Strat design but people who own them seem to really like them. I love playing it but I already have a '97 USA Strat that is my keeper.