Vintage Marshall UK-made JTM30 All Tube 30-watt 112 amp; upgraded Celsestion Greenback G12M speaker

  • $499.00

Here is a sweet and under-appreciated amp. This UK-made Marshall JTM-30 packs a lot of punch and big-time tone. The upgraded Celestion Greenback G12M speaker is the real deal. It adds nice bottom, depth and roundness to an exceptionally smooth clean channel and a nice Marshall crunch to the gain channel. The speaker is a serious (and welcome) upgrade to the stock speakers. The reverb works and is fine -- not to be confused with a Fender. Decent exterior condition for a 20- to 30-year old amp, with a small tear and fraying on the grill. It has an effects loop and master volume. The single set of tone controls work for both channels. Comes with non-original footswitch.

If you read online reviews, you will note that a segment of JTM60 and JTM30 owners have had problems with overheating and intermittent volume loss. One of the common preventative involves adding a metal plate as a barrier to absorb heat from the tubes. This modification was done on this amp but is completely reversible. Just remove two nuts from the two bolts and the plates are gone, with no drill holes or changes to the stock amp.

This amp with a Greenback is definitely worth a look!