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Greetings, and thanks for tuning in, signing up or dropping by.

Perhaps you are (hopefully) wondering what this site is about. It might be easier to start with how the guitar gear landscape has changed and why this led to me to launch


Today, there are likely tens of thousands of brick and online guitar gear retailers globally, including the growing presence of an extremely diverse – and sometimes eclectic -- base of entrepreneurial sellers such as yours truly.

I personally think the market evolution has been very beneficial to anyone who is looking to buy a great guitar, amp or array of pedals. There are unprecedented choices available and increased price competition simply due to the growing number of sellers.

There is no question that those are good outcomes. But along with unprecedented choice in the market, consumers also bear more of the burden for conducting due diligence on the quality and condition of the gear they buy. There is more information at their fingertips, to be sure, but there is also more information to vet and verify -- sometimes without reliable facts. And there is a lot of junk, for lack of a more genteel word, out there as well.

...The amazing Dr Z MAZ 38 Reverb Senior...

WHY SMALLAXEMUSIC.COM? aims to make it easier for folks to find quality, affordable gear that allows them to get as much enjoyment as possible out of playing the guitar.

My friend somewhat jokingly said I should name it "," which would be true in the literal sense but is certainly not the reason I came up with the site. However, I do think it is true that I represent an audience of buyers out there, and my own tastes and preferences tend to align with the inventory on

...A gorgeous Rickenbacker 360/12 string in stunning Fireglo finish...

I personally want to play quality gear that produces great sounds and inspiring tones. But I can’t spend unlimited amounts on my music gear. Saving for college, replacing the roof, feeding the dogs, etc., all take priority. You have your own priority lists, I'm sure.

What you see on this site is the kind of gear I personally look for as I try to strike that budgetary balance. Basically, I'm an average guy who loves to play guitar but doesn't have a blank check to do so. That's why our slogan is: "affordable tone for all."


I try to present quality, reliable gear – what you might call “staples” -- mixed with quirky, offbeat items along with some rare and highly sought after stuff. There are a few, higher-end, higher-priced items as well, but those are not the norm. My inventory is still in its infancy stage but it is growing all the time.

...A classic 1970s C-200 Mu-Tron Volume/Wah...

One of the best things about launching this site is that it is now my duty as proprietor to buy things like a Mu-Tron C-200 Volume/Wah pedal, which I have always wanted and never was in a position to acquire. Well, now I have one. And, even if it ends up in someone else’s more-capable hands, I have had the opportunity to play it, test it, learn about its amazing history and experiment with it using many combinations of amps and guitars.

So, I’ll do my best to keep the Mu-Trons and other unique items coming and if there is anything you would like to see or you are looking for – or you just want to share your thoughts on any of the above -- please feel free to comment below or email me at

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